Thank you to everyone who has offered to help us out with things in the past 2 or 3 weeks. Trust me, if I could think of something now that would help, I’d be asking!

When Jen starts chemo March 31st, her parents will be in town, taking care of the household — kids, laundry, food, etc. My parents will be down April 6th-13th or so, helping out in what will likely be the tough time.  Where we start to lose coverage is after my parents leave, the last week after her first chemo treatment and the first week after her second treatment. Jen’s sister Suzie will be down for the week following Cycle #2, but that time after is a big unknown, and I think that is when we’re going to need help.

Most of the help requested will likely be childcare and dinners. Once we know what to expect, we’ll be our Type-A selves and make a plan. So if you’ve offered, we WILL be taking you up on your offer! We hope to know more about how this will affect Jen and the rest of the family once we get started on the road to eradicating this cancer.