Today was going to suck.  Jen had drugs to get through it, I had steeled myself as the support role in preparation for the suck of a bone marrow biopsy.  Then it happened.

Or more importantly, didn’t happen.  Dr. Spira said though he was hopeful that 4 cycles of chemo would take care of things, realistically, with the size of the mediastinal tumor Jen has, it would likely be 6 cycles.  Turns out that the bone marrow biopsy really only helps the doc decide if you are going 4, 5 or 6 cycles.  Since we were already planning on going 6 cycles anyway after Dr. Fisher @ Dana Farber had suggested, it was a no-brainer.  Skip the bone marrow biopsy, plan on 6 cycles of chemo.


We went to Sweetwater for lunch to celebrate!  What a relief.

Other news is that Jen is going to start taking Prednisone, a steroid that she had taken and really helped with her cough and general quality of life, again at 40mg/day which should help with her energy levels going into Chemo.  Prednisone is the P in CHOP and she will be taking 100mg/day for 5 days following each Chemo cycle, so the 40mg/day will both help reduce the tumor size, as well as reduce the swelling in her left lung that is causing her a lot of difficulties in breathing and energy.  So we were thrilled to start that again.

Additionally, she’s going to start taking a drug, can’t remember the name, that will help her liver function.  When the chemo starts, the liver starts taking and filtering the necrotic (dead) lymphoma cells, and because the chemo can depress the body processing functions, without this drug her liver might hang onto the bad cells and cause some problems, possibly even starting a tumor in her liver.  Let’s avoid that, shall we?  She’s starting on that today too; I’ll update with the drug name later.

A likely bad day turns into a good one.  What a relief!