This past Wednesday Jen went in for a few things, some blood work, a chemo class and a PET scan. Both of us figured it’d be an easy day, but the medical community seemed to have it in for Jen. 🙂

The blood work was pretty easy. The Chemo class was a little more difficult, mostly due to the content and the reality of how things are going to go for the next 6 months. Mostly they reiterated the fact we already knew — this isn’t going to be easy. There was a lot of new information too, such as the worst time energy-wise is a week after chemo, not the week of.

The PET scan was a bit more of a surprise. Did you know you have to drink radioactive glucose an hour before the scan, and then sit very still for that hour so your muscles don’t absorb the glucose, while the tumors suck it up? Neither did we. So Jen couldn’t even read her book, and her iPod was out of juice. Doh. Then they stick you in a tube for a half hour and your arms have to be above your head the whole time. Jen almost lost it at minute 24, but the finished up at minute 25 and she got through it OK.

Today is the Bone Biopsy and Jen is a bit freaked out. We’re walking out the door now, and I’ll post when we get back.