Friday was early, but fairly routine.  If your routine is getting outpatient surgery and having a semi-permanent hole in your jugular.

Bill, Jen’s dad, who is here through the first Thursday or Friday of April, took Jen to Inova (or is it iNova) Fairfax Hospital’s Vascular Surgery department around 7am.  They hooked Jen up to an IV, got her prepped for surgery, and signed away her rights a permission to operate document, and off she went.

Only took an hour.  Jen was under Twilight Anesthesia, so while she wasn’t totally out, for all intensive intents and purposes, she was totally out.  Though she claims she kinda was awake for suturing.  At least it didn’t hurt.

After a nice nap, all the local anesthetic and drugs wore off, and thus began the Vicodin™ Chapter.  Ok, it isn’t that bad, she just hurt a lot.

She’s still a bit sore, and she’s got a hole in her chest that goes straight into her jugular.  But she’s in good spirits.  Carolyn, Jen’s mom, and I took Saskia and Zach first to the metro, where there was no parking; next to another metro, where there was parking but a line 40 humans deep to get fare cards; finally to Frying Pan Park, where Zach slept in the car for an hour and a half, and Carolyn and Saski visited the goats, horses, sheep and pigs.

Naps are imminent.  Everyone has hit low energy, casually munching on snacks, and watching Little Einsteins.  Or writing blogs.

Tonight we go out with our friends Sara and PG for our last BC (Before Chemo) dinner out at Restaurant Eve.  Jen’s even shying away from Vicodin so she can have a bottle of wine! 🙂