Two weeks ago Zach got his Chicken Pox immunization.  I took him back to the doctor to check if he had a bad reaction to it, and no, all was good.

Until today.

Adding insult to injury, our now immuno-comprimised friend Jen has a child with a chicken pox related rash.  Out of 14 million immunizations given, 4% get the rash, and there have been only 6-ish transmissions from those 4% to other people — all to immuno-comprimised people.  Ugh.

The doctor put her on Valtrex, which should prevent her from getting it.  If she did, it could be serious, given her likely low white blood cell count.  Wow, the things you didn’t worry about when they told you your wife has cancer come up to bite you out of the blue.  All should be well, but man, we’re only 1 week into 18 weeks of chemo and 26 weeks of treatment, and we’re having all sorts of problems.  I hope it doesn’t get worse.

Jen’s first week has been strange.  Tuesday and Wednesday had Jen feeling just sort of weird, while Thursday and Friday she felt relatively OK.  Then Saturday comes.  Bill and I take the kids to the Udvar Hazy museum, and Jen goes manic/crash.  During her manic period, she cleans, organizes, crashes, cleans more, crashes, organizes, put stuff away, crashes.  This is very atypical.  After about 2pm she was simply out of juice, and took a nap.  It’s been really weird to watch.  On Saturday morning, she was on the couch when I walked out.  Then I remembered something and ran back in, only to find Jen hadn’t moved, but was now sitting up straight on the couch, completely asleep in under 12 seconds.  ???  This is borderline freaky.

Today was more what I expected, simply out of juice, tired and feeling strange.

Hopefully next week will be better.