Before I start, sorry about the delay in updates.  I’m fired.

As Inigo Montoya says in The Princess Bride, “Let me explain…no, there is too much. Let me sum up.”  Jen looks GOOD with no hair!

My parents were in town through Monday April 14th.  Week 2 of chemo was still a bit rough.  Jen got exhausted pretty easily, and just was out of it most of the time during the 7-14 week.  My parents were very helpful, and all the dinners people brought were wonderful and timely.  It was a tough week, and all the help made it livable.

After my parents left, I got horribly sick, and so did Zach.  Luckily Jen was doing better last week, at least energy-wise.  Though not 100%, she managed to take care of the kids AND me the whole week.  Starting on Sunday though, her hair started to go.  She planned a head-shaving party for Thursday, and it couldn’t come fast enough.  Hair everywhere is not a nice reminder of what you are going though.

So Thursday the party started.  About 15-20 women, as well as myself, drank margaritas and rum punch, ate lots of chocolate and Jen-made guacamole, and had a wonderful time.  It was wonderfully supportive, and Jen really felt loved by all.  Not only that, but she’s got a great head!

On both Wednesday and Friday we had neighbor dinner picnics, both of which were really great, both for the kids and for Jen to get out.

On Sunday, Laura came to babysit and Jen and I went to a barber for a hot towel, hot lather, straight razor shave.  It was a fun time, and it was good to get Jen’s hair all out — even though her hair was sheared, even the 1/4″ hairs were continuing to fall out, causing lots of itching!  Yuck!

Today she had round 2 of chemo.  The IV went well enough, but Jen’s already starting to remember what it feels like the day of and after chemo.  She’s a bit tired, but in good spirits going into week 4.  Only 15 weeks (!) of chemo to go.  Luckily Jen’s mom arrived today, and Jen’s sister Suzie arrives Saturday to take over from Carolyn.  Thanks to all who have brought dinners, snacks, taken the kids, and everything else — you have been wonderful, and your help and support is making this process much more bearable.  We feel loved.