This week has been harder than the first week of chemo.  Jen’s been more tired and had more nausea than last time.  I guess that is expected, but it hasn’t made things easier.  Jen’s mom, Carolyn, has been here since Monday, and that’s been a huge help.  Jen’s sister, Suzie, arrives on Saturday, so we’ll have double coverage through Tuesday morning, when Carolyn leaves.

Thursday we start a 4-day-a-week nanny, from 9:30-3:30, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.  I think that will really help smooth out the tough days ahead, giving Jen some freedom to heal and recover from Chemo in the coming months.

Last night, our neighbors, the Duggans, had the neighborhood over for pizza.  The kids, Jen, Carolyn and I all had a great time.  The Toole’s and the Kane’s had dinner parties last week too, and they’ve been a nice retreat from the daily grind.  I’m hoping they continue, and that maybe we can host one soon!  After dinner, Jen went to a cancer support group.  She reported that it was helpful, and that she met someone who had about the same type of Lymphoma she does, and has been cancer free for 4 years.  We’re not entirely sure why he still goes to the support group though, if he’s been cancer free for so long!

Today is Jen’s last day on the Prednisone (steroid), and if last round is any indication, this weekend is going to be a crash weekend for Jen.  I’ve got some time planned for the kids to do errands and get out of the house so Jen can sleep or just veg.  We’ll see how it all goes.