Ok, this post isn’t as exciting as you might have previously thought.  I haven’t posted for a while because, well, it seems a little much to post daily updates on what happened, when it’s mostly the same: some days are tough due to nausea, fatigue, brain failure (the drugs mess with Jen’s head, make her ADD from time to time, conveniently inconsistently), and general depression due to the realization that she has cancer, and other days are, almost, normal.

One BIG thing that’s helped days be a bit more “normal,” at least from my perspective, is our new nanny, Sewusen (pronounced SO-SUN).  She’s here Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9:30am to 3:30pm, except on Monday where she heads out at 1:30pm.  Tuesdays until June 12th both Zach and Saskia are in a “parents day out” program from 9:15am-1:15pm.  It’s really allowed Jen to be OK to lie down, lie low, or if she’s up for it, play with the kids.

It’s also enabled her to go to a neighbor’s house during the day to our friends Allison and John, who recently had premie twins.  Jen walks over, sits and holds and rocks one of the twins, and she and Allison get to have some nice talks.  It’s relaxing for Jen (sometimes she just can’t fall asleep), and I think it’s useful for Allison too.  So I’m glad about that.

The food and help with the kids in the afternoons have been wonderful.  Two weekends ago, a friend of ours took both kids for two hours on Saturday, and then I went to Kristen and Chris’s house with a bottle of wine and we were able to let Saskia, Zach and Teagan (their daughter) play in the back yard with minimal interventions.  I can’t say how great it is to do tag-team parenting, but it makes the time fly, the kids have fun, and I get a break.  This past Saturday (or was it Sunday) I had the kids most of the day, and by the end, I was about to lock them in the crawl space under the house and leave! Neither of them took naps, and it just made the day really long.

Anyway, this past Friday Jen had her blood test, and her white blood cell count, which is an indication of how strong or weak her immune system is, came back OK, but not high.  So we had to lay a bit more low than usual, and not go into heavily populated areas, like malls or shopping centers.

We’ve got a date with Kristen and Chris this Friday, we’re both stoked about it.  Marty, a neighbor of ours, is bringing homemade Kung Pao Chicken on Thursday.  The food has really been wonderful, as Jen is really out of steam by the end of the day, and I’m not nearly as good with dinner as Jen is.

Our basement is finally finished, though now we have the task of re-filling it with all our junk.  But at least we have a place for people to have some privacy when they come to help and stay with us.

The Sunday Sunday Sunday was just to get you to read all this.  Sucka. 🙂  Oh, and to remind you to tell your mothers you love them.  And for husbands to quietly buy something for your wife if your kids are unable to fathom getting something on their own.