Sorry for the lack of updates.  The week has been busy.

Wednesday May 7 through Monday May 12th, things were ok, good even.  We had a great dinner out with some friends on Friday, Jen’s friend Sarah was here, had pretty good Saturday involving a birthday party (I think that was last weekend), and Jen was generally in good spirits, though a bit apprehensive about Chemo Monday.  She and Sarah had a great time catching up.

Round 3 has been the worst yet.

It went well enough on Monday, and Jen really enjoyed having Sarah with her.  But when Sarah left, Jen was next to someone who was basically getting end-of-life treatments, to make them more comfortable.  Jen didn’t think this person was going to make it much more than a week or two.  That really deflated her spirits.

When she got home, the nausea was worse than before, and it actually resulted in full on barfing in the toilet.  The brain messing effects have been increased this week, and there has been a lot more sleeping and pill popping for Jen, in order to get by.

Sewusen has been great with the kids.  It’s still been tough for Jen to handle the kids from 3:30-5:30pm, after Sewusen leaves on Wed-Fri, and really tough on Monday when Sewusen leaves at 1:30pm, and on Tuesday when the kids get out of school at 1:15pm.  Lots of friends and neighbors have really picked up on an hour or two with one or both of the kids, and that has been a real boon for us.  Jen’s been sleeping during the day for 2-5 hours at a time, which is really atypical (and usually impossible) for her.

Jen’s Mom Carolyn arrived on Friday and has been helping during the “Crazy Weekend” which involves Jen’s head being on fire, where she has drastic body status changes throughout the day, making her availability unpredictable at best.  Carolyn has been great, taking care of one or both of the kids.

Our friends dropped off dinner for us tonight, which we quickly baked and ate ravenously.  The food people have brought has been top notch, and it’s really nice to have some fresh food to eat, especially when we’re all out of steam at the end of a difficult day.

This coming week will hopefully be improved from where things are now.  Carolyn heads back home early Wednesday, so it will be great to have her here on the tough days Monday and Tuesday.  I’m trying to quickly close deals for the company, while also helping with the kids, shuttling people around, and generally running with my head on fire (but differently than when Jen’s head is on fire).   We’re all still hanging on and hanging together, but this is harder on everyone than I expected it to be.  Your continued prayers and thoughts are appreciated.