I don’t even want to think what Jen would be going through without the steroid for the 5 days following chemo!

From day 5 to about day 10-12 after each chemo treatment, Jen goes through what we call “crazy time.”  It is by far the hardest time for Jen to get through.  She doesn’t know from hour to hour what she’ll be feeling like, but it will quite surely not be herself.  Wild swings from being highly emotional to highly exhausted to extremely manic make the first weekend after chemo a wild ride, to be sure.

This weekend was no different.  Her exhausted periods, where she would nap or quietly relax in bed, were followed by manic periods, where her manicness manifested itself in a sudden cooking desire.  Homemade Oreo Cookies, followed by Oatmeal Cherry cookies, and then a whole meal – mustard reduction steak tips, green beans and potatoes gratin – that Carolyn, Jen and I enjoyed in front of NBC Nightly News.  Of course, sprinkled in between was a strange period of a super combo – highly emotional and extremely manic – where, after somewhat of a false start, we were able to get a start on recovering our living and dining rooms, which until this weekend, were mostly impassible due to all the things that were in the basement now residing in our living spaces.

The good news is that we all made it through the crazy time, mostly unscathed.  The kids are good, Sewusen is being a rock star with the kids, and on top of it all, we decided that cancer wasn’t enough on our plate and have started Saskia on potty training.  This morning she had a fairly dry diaper, and I put her on the pot right away, and she actually did it.  “May I have two jelly beans, please?  Orange and Purple!” You go girl.

Though Jen is more exhausted now, and hopefully the crazy time is past, hopefully Jen will continue to feel just a hint more normal, at least until Round 4 starts June 2.  We are ALL looking forward to visiting the family farm for 2 weeks after Round 5.