Week 3 of Chemo rounds 1 and 2 were a lot better than this past week.  Jen simply never started any sort of return to normalcy, just consistent exhaustion and the drugs messing with her head.  Jen, the eternal grocery fanatic, spent 20 minutes looking for the peanut butter at Giant last week.  Non-altered Jen would have planned the most efficient route through the store that took her past the peanut butter.  She was none-to-happy with her altered mind.

The suck was piled on last week.  Zach woke up several nights last week inconsolable for unknown reasons.  We suspect teething, but we’re not sure.  On top of that he stopped eating lunch and dinners, save for handfuls of Trader Joe’s Pirate Booty Cheese Poofs.  Thank god they’re organic.  And to top it all off, he’s in this grunt grunt grunt crumple-to-floor bawl-fests.  I have no idea what he wants or needs, and sometimes seems to have a big grin on his face nanoseconds before this happens.  Extremely annoying, and just adds to the general stressball in the household.  Stop it Zach!!! 🙂  He started eating again Sunday night, eating three helpings of Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese with some veggies mixed in.   Big relief there, though he’s got enough pudgy on him to last a week or two of not eating. hehe

We had plans to try and pretend to be normal this weekend and go to Dutch Wonderland in PA for the kids (well, and for the kid in us), but the weather on Saturday was fairly severe, and Jen just didn’t have the energy to rally.  The weekend was kind of long… I’m not so used to dealing with the kids the whole weekend, mostly because Jen really does so much normally.  I love the kids, but man, they are tiring.

Today was Round 4 of chemo.  Ann Gray was going to be up to sit with Jen, but she couldn’t make it.  Jen lamented afterwards about how much faster it goes when someone is there.  She managed to watch Entourage from HBO, read a bit of a book, mostly just passing the time, which clicked by very slowly today. Tomorrow she gets her immune system booster shot, and likely will sleep most of the day.

Sewusen, our nanny, is now taking the kids MWThF 9:30-5:30pm after last week’s realization of suck.  The doc said it only gets worse now through Labor Day effectively, and if last week is any indication of the suck that is about to come, we need the help.

Jen’s really having a hard time with how the chemo makes her feel.  She looks really great, but the drugs and just the whole concept of cancer are making her feel bleak about her outward appearance.  She’s as upbeat as she can be, and I’m proud of her taking this on with her head up high, at least most of the time.  It’s really taking its toll, and we’re not even half way through yet.

And to top it all off, today Saskia decided to get her thumb stuck in a wiffle ball.  Of all things.  We got out the veggie oil to try to slide it off, but the portion of her thumb in the ball had started to swell.  So I got to cut it off with the jaws of life (read: kitchen scissors).  She was very brave, only a few tears, and came out unscathed, though the ball did not fair quite as well.

Who though up this calendar of events for our 2008?  They’re fired.