Sorry for not keeping all y’all abreast of the goings on around here.  (That was a weird sentence.)  Let me tell you… no.  Let me sum up.

We hit the farm right after Chemo Round 5, packed our bags for a 2.5 week “vacation” to help us recover, rejuvinate, and get some time away from home to someplace a bit slower paced.

We had a really nice time.  Jen got through the chemo effects, the kids did great with the nanny Jen’s parents set us up with, both Bill and Carolyn had good times with Zach and Saski, and I got some work done sitting with a beautiful view of the lake and fields.  Sure, there were times we pined for our bed at home, wished for a few creature comforts of home, but for the most part, things went pretty well.  Except that both Zach and Saskia went to bed about 30-60 minutes earlier than at home, and got up 1-2 hours earlier every morning.  Ugh.

We came home, got settled, and got back into the routine.  Jen had Chemo Round 6 (THE FINAL ROUND!) on Monday the 14th I think it was.  That whole week kind of sucked for lots of reasons.  The chemo really hit Jen hard, it was the worst I’d seen her.  She had vertigo a couple of times that week, and couldn’t really even walk, concentrate or function.  That really scared her (and me too).  But she plowed ahead, took some drugs to counteract the other drugs (WTF?!?) and has emerged like a butterfly (more on that in a bit).  In addition to all that, on Wednesday my 90 year old neighbor took more ill than usual, and his 85 year old wife needed some assistance with some health care decisions, which ended in him going to the hospital with what we later found out was a perforated colon.  He’s probably gonna die in the next few days, and that’s been hard.  His wife is fairly upbeat though, having prepared herself and said her goodbyes and whatnot.  But that’s been tough.  Then both kids came down with mild colds, and because Jen has had vertigo on and off, I had to drive the kids around to the nanny’s and to camp last week, and then pick up my parents from the airport.  I didn’t get much work done last week, but I’m glad for the flexibility.  My parents were a big help over the weekend, getting our dining room back into a dining room instead of a storage closet from our recent basement remodel, as well as taking the kids a lot, and taking care of Jen and I.

Now, back to the butterfly analogy (still with me?).  Jen has truly emerged this week.  Though still fighting through the drugs, her attitude has completely changed, and is back to her old scheming, planning, list-making Type-A self, just with about half the energy.  She’s baked more pies, made more cookies and served her family more meals this week than in the last 3 months.  It’s taking some getting used to on my end, it’s such a drastic and unexpected change.  I don’t want her to overdo it.  I suspect the radiation will knock her back again, though not mentally, which was really her nemesis in all this.

We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Jen has her hopefully clean PET scan Monday the 28th, and gets the results on the 30th.  All of our fingers are crossed for a clean scan, so we can have my little sister’s 29th birthday be Jen’s remission date (hope you don’t mind sis!).  She’ll get regular checkups after radiation, and probably another scan of some sort regularly, and a PET scan on July 30th 2009, which if also clean, would give Jen a 99% chance of permanent remission.  I’ll drink to that!