So we went to the radiologist today to talk about the next month or so, the final half, of treatment.  Dr. Petit happened to get the PET scan results, and well, though the results are “normal,” “expected,” and “encouraging,” the cancer isn’t gone.

Of course, we were reassured several times that that’s not bad, that it would be great but less likely for the cancer to be fully gone after chemo.  Back in the 60’s and 70’s radiation was the ONLY course of treatment, and still found a lot of success in curing lymphoma.  So CHOP+R in combination with radiation is basically just making super sure that we get it, and also lowers the amount of radiation Jen’s tumor will need.

So, disappointing news, but not bad news.  Jen’s frustrated, we were all hoping to hear “remission,” but I’d much rather hear “Happy 100th Birthday, Jen!” when I’m 99, so I’ll be patient and let the treatment work its course.