Just thought I’d post an update; our life has been a tad crazy in the last couple weeks and Peter’s spare time is really tight.

Things are going pretty well, all things considered.  I have a sense that the last of the chemo drugs are working their way out of my system; my head is straight, my tummy is normalizing, and any mania I’ve experienced lately should be attributed to a long, rich line of genetic wackiness rather than mega-dose prednisone.  The lingering symptom is fatigue, but after two babies in two years, that’s nothing new.

Radiation is a cake-walk after chemo.  I go five times a week to the hospital, spend 10 minutes getting lined up  properly with lasers and tattoos and this little “pillow” molded to my head and upper torso, 2 minutes being irradiated, and then I head home.  The biggest hassle is parking, honestly.  I’ll be glad when it is over, but so far the only problem I’ve had is a little bit of skin irritation, aided immensely by some Super Ultra Wonder Cream that my mother-in-law sent (Thanks Ruth!).  I’ve been told that by the end of the second week, I’ll start feeling fatigued, but honestly, since the chemo fatigue is still lingering, I doubt the effects will be all that noticeable.

About that PET scan…..I was pretty down a few weeks ago when I first heard that my PET scan still showed activity (see below).  But the day after I received the scan report from the radiologist (who just handed me the report, without much in the way of interpretation), I met with my medical oncologist, who has a different take.  His opinion is that I *am* cancer-free, and that the PET activity is just residual inflamation on otherwise dead tumor tissue.  And that is great.  I felt much better after hearing that news.  But honestly, I’m not sending up the fireworks until I get a clean PET scan.   Let’s hope for a clear scan next round, which will be sometime in early-to-mid October.

In other news. we’re all gearing up for the start of the school year.  Saski will be in a 2-day preschool program, and Zach in a 1-day parents’ day out at the same school.  The kids are excited about starting some new activities (gymnastics and swimming, respectively).  I’m working a little bit, part time, for the law firm that I’ve been with for the past year or so, minus the 5 month leave of absence they graciously gave me when I first was diagnosed.  So once again, transitions.

Thanks again to everyone for the ongoing help and prayers and positive thoughts…..I can see know that we’re going to make it through this crisis, and I owe that to the team effort of everyone out there.  So thanks.  Truly.