It is Jen again, because I have big news, and Peter’s slow.

Guys, I’m done.  I had my last radiation blast today (my radiation techs met me at the elevator, and performed an impromptu Lakers-Girls-Meet-the-Village -People “Go Jen” cheer, which had me in hysterics) and accordingly am FINISHED WITH TREATMENT.  Can I get an amen?

I was suprisingly emotional all day; I had to employ all of my Jedi mind tricks to keep from weeping on the radiation table and messing up the alignment.  Not sure if it is relief or fear for the future (as in, when you are being treated, you are somewhat in control….it is tough to just have faith that the cancer won’t be back) or something altogether different, but I feel a little odd.  But this whole trip has been odd, so there you have it.

The symptoms of radiation have caught up with me in the last couple of days.   My skin is charred  like a marshmallow at a campfire, and I am really, really tired.  But I have it on good authority that this should pass pretty quickly.  The better news is that I have a pretty full head of hair, or at least enough to pass as something other than a cancer patient.  I feel pretty sassy, frankly, with my short silver ‘do.

So that is the news.  Next PET scan is mid-November; until then, I’m operating under the assumption that I am in remission.

Thanks again for all of the good thoughts and prayers and help……I think it is okay to start re-routing them to people who need them more than we do at this point.

All my love—-