From Jen:

So, over the past couple of days, through an assortment of pretty cool procedures (PET scans! Outpatient thoracic surgery with video cameras!), it has become unfortunately clear that my cancer has relapsed. Feck. This doesn’t please me.

There is good news: my oncologist assures me that he’s going to fix me. I’ll be having an autologous stem cell transplant, which means they harvest a bunch of stem cells from me, freeze them, then totally nuke my body with intensive chemo. This will kill all of the cancer cells, plus my entire immune system, plus most of my bone marrow. So then they take the frozen cells, defrost on low for 10 minutes, and pump them back in, where they start the arduous task of rebuilding my immune system, so I can get on with the business of being Jen. Hopefully.

The down side is that it is a rough procedure….much worse that the chemo/radiation extravaganza of last year. I’ll need to be totally isolated for something between 3 weeks and 3 months,even from my kids, and then I’ll be pretty much housebound for another 3-6 months, to minimize my exposure to infection. I can deal with the physical aspects, but just thinking about not hugging my kids or Peter for weeks or months is….well, a lot.

Anyhow, I’m hoping that this new adventure won’t get underway until mid-March at the earliest, leaving me plenty of time to play hard between now and then. I’m feeling great, aside from a little post-surgical soreness, so there is no reason to start in with the casseroles. I’m planning lots of playdates, girl’s nights, dinner parties, sushi-consumption, date nights, and general shenanigans in the next month, so that I’m all partied-out by the time I head back down the rabbit hole.

So that’s my news. I think we’ll be reactivating in the coming days. The general username is “jensfriend” and the password is “beatcancer”. There’s nothing new there right now, but if you are needing an update, that’s where to check first.

Love to all of you….I’m going to need all the good mojo you’ve got to get through this.