You know what they say about a little bit of information? Well, the Googlephilia around here is dangerous.

We had a very positive meeting with my oncologist today. The stem cell transplant sounds a lot less scary that my initial research had led me to believe, and infinitely more do-able. There is not going to be any enforced isolation (unless I get an infection, of course) from my family. I won’t be spending much time with the kids, but I can certainly give them the occasional hug. And the time frame for all of this is much more compressed than I previously understood: I’ll probably be completely out of commission for about 2 months, and then start re-building “normal life.” It is a lot easier to put your head down and get something done if it is just a couple months than if you have to slog through for a year.

The best news is the reiteration that this is likely to cure me, that I’m going to have a full, normal life after this next round. Of course, the good doc promised me that last time, and here we are. ; )

The bad news is that he kind of wants to get underway, and I may have my first round of chemo as early as next week. This leaves much less time for the planned shenanigans (see below). But that’s okay.

Breathe in. Breathe out. I can do this.