Peter here.

So not only is R-ICE worse than R-CHOP, Jen hates it. OK, not shocking, chemo isn’t pleasant. I’m hoping that tomorrow’s Rituxan dose goes better than last round. Jen had to get a steroid last round just to get through the bag o’ drug. It didn’t look comfortable.

Bill arrived this afternoon to help out for the next week and a half, and I’m glad to have him here. Jen’s been a real trooper and doing a lot, but there are limits, and we’re pushing them. The next three weeks will likely be more difficult than the last three, as chemo seems to be cumulative. The last three weeks have been full of unexpected good and worse than expected bad days, with no fair warning for either. I’m preparing for more of the same.

Thank you to all of you who were able to help with meals, childcare, support, counsel, thoughts and prayers. Don’t stop!!! While both Jen and I do our best to pretend we’re fabulous, this is hard. Harder than the first three months of each of our children’s lives, and you know how much I whined and complained about that. 🙂

Jen told me an encouraging story last night, I thought I’d share it. She went to the grocery store yesterday, head fully in view of the world (you go girl!!!). The checkout guy asked Jen what was up with the ‘do, and she explained. The checkout guy said his wife had cancer and had gone through a stem cell transplant a few years ago and is doing great to this day. That was music to my ears.

I’m off to flush Jen’s port for another fun filled week of chemo.