Round two, day two.   Hooked back up to the softly whining pump, getting my daily toxin blast.  It is what it is; I know I’ll probably feel pretty rough by bedtime, but for now, I’m hanging in there.

After much discussion, my crack team of doctors and staff have penciled in some dates for the transplant process.  Based on the transplant protocol, and assorted tics of the calendar year, it looks like we are going to start the transplant on June 6th.   Later than we had originally thought, but the extra two weeks allow a little more space for living it up this spring.  The effect of having things to which I can look forward cannot be underestimated during the dark moments.

So, we have a plan.  If we can find an appropriate sitter, we are planning a little get-away along with a wedding up in Baltimore, spending the night up in a lovely hotel and indulging in the elusive sleepy morning.  Then, we’re loading up the station wagon, turning off the tacky meter, and taking the kids to Kid Vegas, otherwise known as Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg.  For the uninitiated, it is an indoor water park-cum-resort, complete with flashing lights, magic wands, and all the junk food you can eat.

In May, thanks to the dual mixed blessings of copious credit card reward points and recession-special airfares, as well as the generous babysitting of Ruth and Gary, Peter and I are jetting off for a short trip to Amsterdam, to explore the city, bike through the tulips, and (always!) enjoy the local cuisine.  Neither of us (even my husband McDutchy) has ever been, and we are looking forward to a little adventure.

Filling in the spaces in the Spring 2009 “Live It Up!” Extravaganza will be lots of time with the kids, lots of time with friends, a fair amount of gardening, and as little barf as possible.  A girl can dream.



Update:  Bedtime.  Sure enough, I feel pretty rough.  If you have any interactions with Peter or my Dad, be kind, because they are pulling double duty in a big way.  Ativanning out now.