My counts might just be better than your counts.  Nah-nah.

You probably don’t keep tabs on your counts (and by counts, I mean the blood cell count breakdown that constitutes a CBC) but I sure do.  If mine drop too low in response to chemo, I end up with all sorts of restrictions on what I can do, where I can go, and what I can eat.  I get a shot of a white blood count booster called Neulasta after each cycle, so generally I’m not so depleted that I can’t wipe my kids’ noses, for example, but I stay away from things like properly-rare steaks and poopy diapers none the less.

Last week, Peter had a physical exam, so he happened to have his counts checked.  And then I got my counts at my appointment Friday, and my counts beat his counts all the way to the curb.  I’m just bursting with immune response!  Naturally, we celebrated by eating raw fish.  Mmmm.  Spicy tuna roll.

I’m feeling quite well right now.  The lingering symptom is crushing fatigue, which hits without warning and renders me pretty much incapable of doing anything more strenuous than “reading” books that I’ve memorized to the kids with my eyes closed (four fluffy feathers on a fiffer-feffer-feff) or watching back-to-back episodes of Arrested Development.  But otherwise, things are good, my friends.

I’m inclined to push cancer and its associated dark obsessive thoughts to the back of my mind for the next several weeks, while my bone marrow heals and my crack team of doctors prepare for my stem cell transplant.  Accordingly, there probably won’t be tons of updates to the blog.  The next bloggable thing will likely be my PET scan/results show on April 15th and 17th, respectively, where we’ll all learn whether or not the R-ICE slammed me into remission (hope so!) so that I can move forward with the transplant.  I’m trying not to worry yet about what the plan will be if I’m still teeming with malignant lymphocytes.

So, until then, enjoy the spring, eat some sushi, hug your kids and remember to breathe.  And be sure to wish Peter a happy birthday on the 9th!

Love, Jen