Today was a parade of appointments, taking me all around the Fairfax medical ghetto and pretty much wiping me.  I began the day with a nice radioactive burst and some much-needed (reh.) tube time, getting my second MUGA scan, which checks heart ventricle strength.  Then off to the pulomonary lab at the hospital, where I blew in a tube 17 different ways to assess my lung function.  Next I handed over 14 tubes of blood and a specimen cup o’ pee for assorted analyses, and finished off my day with an hour and a half of patient education on the ins and outs of stem cell transplantation.   Good times, my friends.

The infection control rules will be in place basically June 6th through July 15th.  Bad news first: an outright ban on restaurants, booze, gardening and sex.  These are a few of my favorite things!  But the better news is that between the pages of dietary restrictions and provisions for makeup (lipstick and powder are okay, but no eye makeup….but seriously, please shoot me if you see me wearing lipstick during my transplant), it sounds like I can hang with the kids and live as normally as possible within my house.  We’ll get through it.  It could be a lot worse.

Peter and I leave tomorrow for our getaway to Amsterdam.  Stay tuned for pictures!