We took the kids to the movie “Up” last night as our last family hurrah of going out as a family until mid-July. The kids enjoyed the first half of the movie, but when the plot thickened, their bravery thinned. We ended up leaving before the end. It was PG after all.

What Jen Now Looks Like

What Jen Now Looks Like

So on the way out we saw a movie poster, and Jen said “Hey, that’ll be me tomorrow!” She wasn’t kidding. There are more tubes and adapters coming out of her than Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.

Jen just popped a few more vicadin, she’s in pretty rough shape. Our neighbor Addie was kind enough to drive Jen to the hospital this morning at 6:45am (ouch!) and is going to take her to the clinic and apheresis tomorrow too, which is a really huge help. Jen was thinking about taking Saski on an adventure on Friday, but a few minutes ago groaned “I don’t think I’ll be strawberry picking on Friday after all.”

Nope, probably not. Thank goodness for pain drugs!