For years, I’ve participated on a cooking bulletin board, and for a long time I posted my weekly menu plan on a thread with lots of other weekly menu plans.  We inspired each other and swapped recipes…good, clean fun for the food-obsessed.

These days, I’m spending more time on other cancer blogger sites, and less time on the cooking site.  One such cancer blogger, Open Mike, is on almost the same transplant schedule as me.  It has been nice to check in and see how he is doing.  Today, when I checked his site, I found that he had posted his weekly menu, and the convergence of my web-lives made me smile.

So, in a complete rip-off of Mike’s idea (admits the intellectual property lawyer):

Jen’s Menu, Served Daily for the Week of June 8th

Cocktail of Saline Solution Swish

Amuse of Zoloft and Prilosec

First course:   Dexamethazone, Kytril, Lasix

Main Courses:  Carmustine, Etopaside, Ara-C, Cyclophosphamide

Sides (Effect): Benadryl, Ativan, Dexamethazone, Mesna

Dessert (to be served next week, following reinfusion):  Acyclovoir, Diflucan, Levaquin

Bon appetit!