Transplant happens today! It is pretty anticlimactic, actually.  After two weeks of…less than fun….the nurses are just going to re-infuse my stem cells over about an hour.  I’ll hang out for a bit, and than go home to take a nap.  But practicalities notwithstanding, this is a huge turning point.   Even though the high-dose chemo hasn’t finished doing its thing, the rescue cells will be launched; the special forces are on their way.

I’m not feeling very well right now, so I’m going to keep this short, but I want to offer a little prayer here at this moment.  I offer my thanks to God for the wisdom and training of my nurses and doctors, for the advances in medicine and the understanding of the human body that have made a cure a possibility for me.  I offer thanks for the unending support of family and friends in helping me get to this day.  I offer thanks for the resources and circumstances that has made my treatment possible.  I offer thanks for the strength to attack this disease again, despite the fact that the medicine is harsh and difficult to tolerate.

And I ask, God, that this treatment work, giving me the gift of more time on this Earth, with my family and friends.


Love, Jen