Whew!   Who knew that a stinkin’ CBC readout could cause whoops of joy?  I just found out, my friends, that my white count is 2.9!  I’ve been hovering around 0.1, 0.2…..and then today, it leapt up to 2.9.  Not quite normal, but definitely out of the danger zone.  No more masks!  I’m definitely going to spend some quality time with the kiddos tonight.

This is a much needed lift because last night, I hit the wall.  I’m just done with all of this, the treatments, the baldness, some of the side effects.  I’m just done.  I want to be energetic and pretty again, instead of wrung out and moth-eaten.   But the light at the end of the tunnel looms so much brighter this morning…I can get through.  I’ve heard whispers of getting the weekend “off” ….maybe not having to spend my day in my little clinic room.  So things are looking up, and I wanted to share.

Love, Jen