Nothing but good news to share here.  My white count is actually above the normal range….I’m bursting with immune response right now.  The first few generations of white cells post-transplant are not as effective as later ones, though, so I still have lots of infection controls in place, but I’ve been cleared to eat well-washed raw fruits and vegetables, and to dead head (but not weed) my garden.  Red counts are lagging but steady.  Platelets are well over transfusion levels and racing towards normalcy.

My wonderful nurse Kim pulled my catheter this morning, so no more tubes hanging from my body….I’m back down to the number of orafices I was born with.  You can’t imagine how great that is.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend at home.  The lack of red cells means that I’m still ridiculously low energy, but I do just fine as long as I can sit and chat with people.  We have a parade of helpers with the kids all weekend, and my sister Suzy arrives Sunday to help out next week.

Life is good these days.  I’m happy as a clam in this incarnation as a slow-moving version of myself.

Love, Jen