Here it is, the end of July, and the end of the Great Stem Cell Transplant Adventure of 2009.   I’m really not feeling remotely “patienty” anymore; I’m pretty much just going about my business.  There are the occasional energy crashes, but who doesn’t have those?  I’m having such a good time with the kids, and have planned a way-too-kidcentric August full of pool days, road trips, and berry-picking outings.

Basically, there’s nothing to report from Cancerland.  I hear it is nice there, this time of year, but I’m not looking to go back any time soon.

I have a scan in late September, and I’ll probably post about that, but for now, the cancer fight is won, and accordingly, the blog is likely to be a bit quiet.

Thanks for reading, all these long months, and for posting comments, sending email, and sending positive energy my way.    Cancer is a team sport, and I am incredibly grateful for all of you choosing to be on my team.

Love, Jen